mpd patrol vehiclesTo provide quality police patrol services with marked & unmarked patrol units, motorcycles, bikes, foot beats, community police officers and special assignments throughout the city of Medford. These patrol units provide traffic enforcement, crime control, emergency response and a diverse range of other public safety services. The patrol force is the largest division in the department, consisting of approximately 60-85 full-time patrol assignments, split among three shifts (days, evenings, midnights). The compliment of patrol officers working any given shirt can range from a minimum of 10 to as many as 20 police officers.

Contact Information

  • Patrol Commander Telephone (Captain): 781-391-6773
  • Shift Commander Telephone (Lieutenant): 781-395-1212
  • Patrol Supervisor Telephone (Sergeant): 781-391-6405 and 781-391-6407
  • FAX Number: 781-395-8775