Winter Parking/Snow Removal Restrictions

snow-emergencyWinter Parking Regulations may be imposed between December 1st and April 1st during each winter season.

During a DECLARED SNOW EMERGENCY the ODD/EVEN parking restrictions will be enforced.

The proper side of the street to park on is determined by the year in which the Winter Regulations begin.  This winter, for example, the regulations began on December 1, 2014, therefore parking is required on the even numbered side of the street unless otherwise restricted.

The Chief of Police can suspend both side parking if there are traffic and safety issues.


Considerations/Exceptions to these regulations:
Exception #1: Commercially registered motor vehicles (any vehicle w/o passenger plate registrations), Commercially lettered motor vehicles, vehicles with trailers and/or Oversize vehicles may NOT park overnight from 12 – 7 am on city streets. This is in effect year round. 365 days. Violation of City Commercial Motor Vehicle Ordinance. This is a year-round violation.
Exception #2: Snow Emergency Regulations: “Emergency Arteries” when it is determined that parked vehicles may impede the plowing or removing of snow or ice and impair the free flow of traffic, a snow emergency will be declared by the Commissioner of Public Works. During a declared Snow Emergency, there shall be no parking on either side of duly posted streets.( fine in addition to a tow fee).
Impeding Snow Removal/Emergency Vehicles: Under pertinent laws – No vehicle may park on any City Street or Private Way in such a manner that it’ll impede or prevent the passage of Emergency Vehicles and Snow removal vehicles -Emergency Vehicles and Snow removal vehicles need a minimum of 12 feet.

During declared snow emergencies, on the designated streets cars can be ticketed and towed. The following streets are designated as Emergency Arteries:

Boston Avenue, Central Avenue, College Avenue from George Street to Boston Avenue, Forest Street, Fulton Street, George Street, Governors Avenue, Grove Street, Hancock Street, Harvard Avenue, Harvard Street, High Street, Lawrence Road, Main Street, Medford Street, Mystic Avenue from Main Street to Crescent Street, Playstead Road, Riverside Avenue, Salem Street, Spring Street, Washington Street, Webster Street, Willis Avenue, Winthrop Street and Woburn Street.

Those residents who have driveways, garages, or other off-street parking facility are not allowed to park on the street for a period of time longer than one hour between 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. and could face a fine.

Other Pertinent Laws: Any motor vehicle parked on a public way for a period of 48 consecutive hours without being moved is subject to towing and a fine.

Removal of snow and ice

Please note: There is a new decisions of the MA Supreme Judicial Court regarding the removal of snow and ice – landowners must reasonably make sure that their property is clear of any snow and ice that could cause injury to others, regardless of whether the snow came from Mother Nature or from a plow or other source: Click Here to read SJC’s ruling

(a) Section 74-114: Whenever the sidewalk, or any part of a sidewalk adjoining any building, or lot of land on any street, is encumbered with ice and snow, it shall be the duty of the tenant or occupant, and, in case there should be no tenant or occupant of the whole of such building or lot of land, it shall be the duty of the owner, or of the person having care of the sidewalk, to cause such sidewalk to be made safe and convenient for public use or travel by removing the ice or snow or by covering the area with sand or some other suitable substance. In case such tenant, occupant, owner or other person shall neglect to do so for the space of six hours during the daytime, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of ______ and ___________ for each successive day that the sidewalk shall continue to be encumbered.

Note: the TENANT OR OCCUPANT is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalk adjoining their property. If the property is unoccupied, the PROPERTY OWNER is responsible for this maintenance.

(b) Any person shall not throw or put, or cause to be thrown or put, any snow or ice into any street in the city. The fine for violation of this section shall be, for the first offense, ___________ and, for the second offense and subsequent offenses, ___________.

Note: Regarding SHOVELED or RESERVED Parking Spots on Public Streets : There is an existing ordinance about placing structures on the street for any reason without a permit from DPW, (which may include reserved spots you may have shoveled out). The POLICE simply do not have the personnel nor the time to enforce this ordinance. Medford DPW can go out (after it receives authorization) and make a concerted effort to remove all structures from the street that are being used to reserve spaces. This is not a common practice and once again depends on time & resources. THE POLICE DEPARTMENT suggests the public exercise due restraint, fairness and common sense over disputed PUBLIC parking spaces

Parking Spots Unofficially Reserved by Citizens

ALSO (for those who attempt to reserve a public parking spot because they shoveled it) please NOTE: No Public Parking Spaces Are Reserved (unless officially posted) Saving parking spaces is a sensitive subject in any neighborhood, officially no objects can be placed on a city street for whatever reason to reserve a parking spot.