The Medford Police Detective Division is committed to timely and responsive follow up investigations of reported crime, as well as proactive enforcement of criminal activity.

In keeping with the Community Policing philosophy, the Detective Division is committed to solving crimes and to increasing public awareness by educating the citizens of our community on methods to better protect themselves from being victimized by crime.

The Division is under the command of a Captain and is comprised of various units which include:

Members of the Detective Division receive specialized training in order to prepare them for the specific types of investigations they are responsible for.   Examples of this training include:

  • fingerprinting,
  • crime scene photography,
  • interview and interrogation techniques, and
  • evidence collection.

Detectives work closely with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police CPAC/Crime Scene Services Unit, FBI/DEA/ICE, Department of Children and Families, and numerous other outside agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Detective Division main number at 781-391-6767 for a complete phone directory.

Division Commander: Captain Kevin M. Faller 781-393-4768

  • Domestic Violence Unit: 781-391-6767, ext. 257 or ext. 763
  • Firearms Licensing Unit: 781-393-4769
  • Evidence/Property Control: 781-393-4754
  • Juvenile Officer: 781-393-4763
  • Narcotics Unit: 781-391-6171
  • Sex Offender Registration/Information: 781-393-4759